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Being the largest Arboricultural services provider in the Lincolnshire allows us to own and operate all out own equipment, this cuts down on overheads, reduces the need to add hire costs to our prices and allows us more control over the size and type of equipment we operate to be as efficient as possible.

We offer a full range of tree stump removal machines covering small stumps in gardens and hard to access places as well as a larger machine for larger stumps and site clearance and sites with unlimited access. This also helps remove unsightly tree stumps, prevents the spread of some form of ground based decay and eliminates the need for large tree stumps to be sent to land-fill, as we turn them into wood chippings which can be recycled.

We also offer on site chipping services for customers to hire a chipping machine and operator for chipping brushwood they have cut down, this can be cleared by our vehicles or left on site. Again for recycling or reuse.

Our large crane fed chipper is capable of taking timber up to 18" dia producing wood chip suitable for burning grade woodchip, this machine also allows a quicker and more effective clearance of larger sites and wooded areas over smaller labour fed machines. We are also able to remove larger timber and tree trunks with our trailer mounted crane, this reduces our on site time and eliminates the need to cut up timber before removal, whilst these machines are operated in conjunction with 4x4 off road vehicles giving access to the most difficult of sites.

Our range of specially adapted vehicles allow us to operate efficiently and with minimum fuss, larger vehicles eliminate the need for constant emptying once on site and loading cranes allow us to remove large timber from site quickly and with reduced cost and inconvenience to the customer, allowing us to keep costs down and offer a competitive service.

These associated services form part of our commitment to be both efficient in our operations and sustainable to the environment, the need to conserve and protect the Countryside and environment both locally and as part of a larger national commitment. At B & B we recognise the part we can play in this process, operating to a comprehensive Environmental policy to ensure we conduct and offer our service and reduce our impact on the environment whilst continuing our work.

Also forming part of the need to be environmentally friendly we work in conjunction with our partner company to convert and reuse as much as possible in the way of waste products produced by our company in the form of firewood and biomass supplies, compost and garden products, domestic fuel and heating, as well as wood chippings for use as garden mulch, paths and wildlife projects and in more recent times for use in horse training arenas, as well as supplying this in bulk as a supplement to power stations for sustainable energy production.

B & B Tree Specialists have been providing a high standard cutting edge Arboriculture solution for 30 years in Lincoln, East Midlands and surrounding Counties.

We are available 24/7 throughout the year for routine and emergency services throughout Lincolnshire.

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