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Apart of our commitment to the environment and in accordance with our policies to ensure that 0% of materials enter landfill, we set up our own dedicated recovery center where we take all our arisings to be sorted and reused in various applications to ensure nothing goes to waste.

Our woodchip is stockpiled and redistributed to both domestic and commercial customers, we supply large dumpy bags suitable for domestic gardens as well as loose loads for larger areas, landscaping projects and garden mulching. We also send large consignments for power station use to burn alongside conventional fossil fuels to provide sustainable energy.

We also produce and supply wood only woodchip suitable for paths, decorative gardens and more recently we have supplied several horse training areas. We can also supply this with low moisture content which is barn stored for wood chips burners and central heating systems.

Large amounts of our timber are processed into firewood for domestic heating sold by the bag or loose loads of for collection in smaller net bags.

Our firewood is all from sustainable sources and maintenance programs where trees are being worked on or taken down for whatever reason, the timber is traditionally stored and air dried for at least two years, after which, it is cut and barn stored for a further year to ensure it has a moisture content below 15%, for optimal burning capabilities on todays wood burning boilers and open fires, we also supply smaller logs suitable for chimeneas and patio burners.

We also supply large bags and nets to the wholesale markets, as well as both seasoned and green wood, as cord wood for customers to convert into logs themselves, making a considerable saving on the cost of buying logs ready to burn.

Recently we have started to process some of our better quality large timber and trunks to produce sawn planks, sold as one offs or as complete trunks cut and packed for ongoing processing, we have larger timber suitable for carving as well as unique pieces that can be carved or turned into a whole host of finished products, simply call us with any requirements you have or come and see what we have available, as stock is changing on a weekly basis.

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We are available 24/7 throughout the year for routine and emergency services throughout Lincolnshire.

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